Razer Leviathan Mini: Mini size, sound monsters!

Truthseekerhighway – It seems that it is no secret that not many speaker systems can deliver the quality of both worlds, namely game and music. Usually a sound device has to choose one of the two worlds to get preference. However, this is not the case with the Razer Leviathan Mini, as we have found that it can also deliver a high sound reproduction in music.

To see the ability to produce melodic and precise music, we use different types of music to be played. To test his bass skills, we use music with many drums and bass elements. Apparently this speaker is still capable of delivering low bass quality and flourishing like during games! Apart from that, we also found that the bass is quite detailed so that it does not cover other elements of the music and makes it dull.

As for the Treble, the loud screams and sounds of the strings were clearly heard. The sound is not so loud that it pierces, and it allows us to enjoy the song that is played comfortably. In our opinion, however, the Razer Leviathan Mini has the ability to produce the most sound and detail. We both think they deserve high marks.

The vocal sound produced by these speakers is heard so clearly. Even if we listen to it in games and movies, the brightness of the human voice on this speaker is so high. So that we can easily digest what is being said. In terms of sound details, we found that the Razer Leviathan Mini delivers background sound well. On some songs, the usually inaudible guitar sound can be found in the background here.

Multifunction button

The existence of a circle button above the speaker called the Multi Function Button or MFB is very important for the Razer Leviathan Mini. The reason for this is that this button has a very important function. First, it can be used to play / interrupt the music you are listening to. Secondly, it can be used to answer the phone if you connect it with a cable with the 3.5 mm connector or via Bluetooth to the smartphone. Finally, it can also be used to run the Combo Play feature that can connect two Razer Leviathan Mini in one system!

Of all these features, the most important thing in our opinion is the ability to operate Combo Play. If you are lucky enough to be able to buy two Razer Leviathan Mini, it does not hurt to use this feature. Through Combo Play you can feel the Surround sound that can be produced by these two speakers. In addition, you can also find the ability of this speaker to determine the position of the sound in the game, as well as the ability to play your playroom in the middle of the world.

Combo Play requires absolutely no cable help to connect the two Razer Leviathan Mini. Thanks to the Bluetooth function, you can place the two speakers comfortably without worrying about the position of the cables. In addition to changing one speaker to the right channel and the other to the left channel, Combo Play can also be used as a clone speaker. So you can place the speakers in the next room and have the same sound as the speakers in your room! The distance and the material for the walls naturally affect the sound quality. The quality of the microphone on top of this speaker can not be underestimated. Initially, we felt that the sound that our cameras would hear on the other side would be disturbed. Usually, the sound produced by the speaker will also be heard on a partner’s headset. However, the Razer Leviathan Mini is able to mute the “feedback” sound and just leave your voice behind!

We feel it right away when we play games while chatting with friends. Spelling sound emitted from the speaker is not heard on a friend’s headphones. What’s more, our voices sound very clear. Even if we speak in small volume of voices. The distance between the speaker and our mouth does not have to be close either, the sound it produces is still clearly audible! The quality of the microphone is another element that we add to this list of benefits for speakers.

Source: driversrazer.com