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Star Children – They just know.

These children (the Star ones) who become adults, have been placed here for a very long time. In the early days, they were some of our explorers, adventurers and our early artists and scientists, discovering beauty and knowledge to share with the world. The Michelangelo’s and Plato’s seemed to be, the kind and wise of their days. They were here to enhance humanity and pushing back on tyranny and human suffering. In present day, these children are called indigo, crystal, rainbow and star, all mean the same truth of mind and purity of heart.

I also believe that some of the founders of large companies are from star seed origins but they aren’t able to hold to the path back to their origin. Some have gone astray, sort of the fallen angels of present day. They used the technology wizardry given to them by the Star People to advance our civilizations hundreds of years forward during the last 60 years mainly through computer technology.

When I lived and worked in Atlanta, I worked with a group of gifted people, some would qualify a Star Children. They had ideas and skills that seemed to come out the blue, in most cases they just knew by instinct, normally never taught.

This brings me to a recent wonderful story about a beautiful 2-year-old child who Rainbow and I met about 2 months ago. She is special in that she had advanced vocabulary and the very unusual bright energy about her, I had never seen this before. I suspected a Star Child. Then this story from her mother clinched my suspicion. The mother stated that one night she and her 2-year-old were outside at night. The mother gave her daughter a cell phone with a Star positioning APP. The mother showed her 2-year-old  how to use it, in the way you would expect  a 2-year-old to understand. Her daughter  immediately reacted by calling out Vela, Vela, Vela without any prompting from the mother. This continued on for 10 minutes. To me, this shows an excitement that would mean the child had a personal relationship with Vela. The mother was confused so she took the phone and pointed it to the same stars the child had, and sure enough it was the constellation Vela. This said,the mother pronounced the name “Vela”  differently than her daughter but after some research the 2-year-old’s pronunciation was correct. How amazing is that! The mother asked her daughter how did she know it was Vela and she said “I just knew “.

Sleep Tight, the Star Children are the link to the Star People, Earth’s guardians and mentors to a better world.

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