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Lost Sun over Siberia

In the middle of last month (July 2018) a strange event happened in northern Siberia, above the Arctic circle, in and around a town called Namy 200 miles south of Laptev Sea (Arctic Ocean). On that day, the sky went Dark. Note: this is normally the time of year for 24 hours of sunlight but strangely, this occurred around peak solar noon 11:30 to 2:00 pm. It looked like a solar eclipse but there wasn’t one scheduled to occur at that time.The temperature even dropped like an eclipse event even though it wasn’t. The locals said it felt very eerie and strange.

Here is what I think it was; first a little background about the area that this occurred, its rich in natural resources, such as oil, natural gas, precious metals and gems, semi- precious gems, very clean and fresh water and rare elements which are used in all things technological.

Maybe just maybe, something like a floating island, like a (Mothership) say 10 or 20 miles in diameter and one mile up would create a night-like appearance, under the ship ,even though you’d be able to see a strip of daylight sky on the horizon just as the locals did. This large Mothership could be like an extraction barge sucking lakes dry, because this seems to be a common mystery in Northern Siberia, where hundreds of lakes disappear each year. These ships could also be vacuuming up minerals especially rare elements from the hillsides. Remember, this is one of the least inhabitable parts of the world. And there are few eyes to see what is really going on.

Who knows, if the Russian government knows what is happening, they can do little to stop it. Alien groups have been extracting elements from our Earth for probably thousands of years, but it seems most of the mining is from under the oceans. If there was a need for fresh water, this would be an ideal location to complete this  type of mission.

Sleep tight , knowing we are sharing our Earth and chances are they won’t allow us to destroy it , that is a good thing.  



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