13 November 2015 2 Comments

Dugway a place-of great mystery, a place to beware



Dugway Proving Ground is an Army installation protected by a LDS church … go figure. Its location is about 45 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. It gave me pause as we approached the base entrance and there in the middle of nowhere, was this Mormon Church. You just have to wonder if the church really knows what has and is going on there. But maybe they know and feel alright by it. That makes you wonder more.

Dugway has been in the same location for nearly 70 years – servicing as research arm of the US Military and maybe a recent home to some alien groups. As we got closer to the base, Rainbow felt she could just drive in and everything would be fine. She said in some past event she had been there. But I convinced her that we needed to just drive along the fence line. Well, every 10 feet or so there were these warning signs saying, “Warning restricted area – use of Deadly force authorized “so who in the hell authorized it, I want names. There were also signs saying no pictures but my Rainbow seem to have conveniently missed those signs and she started snapping pictures as I was waiting for that Deadly force to show its ugly face, because I was positive we were being watched.

My fiancée – being an empath detected two things – the base had several underground floors where the super-secret stuff took place. And somewhere in the underground were probably hundreds of Grey aliens working among our scientists, the whole complex was like a beehive. And I kind of wondered if the large cattle stockyard within 15 miles of the base wasn’t supplying membrane food for the grey visitors.

We were lucky that day – it wasn’t windy, so chances were we didn’t inhale any of the cocktail of poison chemicals, bio-weapons and radiation the base is noted for. As we headed back out and up the ridge away from the base – a white unmarked SUV raced toward us, staying behind us for a while and then speeding by, after checking us out, I guess they finally figured out I had several government clearances and I was of no threat to their secret world.

Sleep tight – With all the potential evil lurking at Dugway, you would only hope that some good has come out of this high desert facility to honor the many that have been sacrificed.