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There are no Grocery Stores in the Forest



This past week, Michael and I were listening to a couple of interviews on YouTube of Sasquatch researchers who were from the south. Between the two of them, they had multiple years of experience in the field. As the interviews progressed, a few things came to my mind. I realized that there are people in this field who really don’t see Sasquatch as an interdimensional being. I was really surprised but what bothered me the most was that they both alluded to the fact that anyone who does think Sasquatch is interdimensional, is deluding themselves. My mind came to a screeching halt and I said, “What?!”

I respect the years they both have in the field but I realized that sometimes when you are so close to a subject, eventually it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

I know deep in the forest that the darkness keeps the secrets of her minions to herself. It’s part of the dark and light tussle of Mother Nature. To think that any Cryptid is going to be our friend, is rather naïve and foolish. I know the Dogman that Michael and I saw in New Mexico, wanted to be left alone and if we didn’t abide by his wishes, I know he would have charged at us. You have to listen, follow your gut and you can’t go into the forest thinking you are at the top of the food chain.

There are no grocery stores in the forest.

Yet, I can’t stop wondering why people in the Sasquatch field of research would assume something that is flesh and blood would be similar to us. One of the interviewers stated as fact that older males mate with all the females in the group and that because of this, the younger males would be pushed out of the group. Where on earth did he get this information? How would he know?

This is part of the problem in this field, researchers making comments like this one based on no facts only speculation. I mean, he would have to literally be within arms length of where they live, see how they live and watch their mating customs. Let’s be frank, if anyone could get this close, especially with this mind set, I doubt seriously they would live to tell the tale.

Another thing that bothered me is the names they have in the south for Sasquatch. One in particular was a definite slur. A Bugger is something that comes out of my nose. How in the hell did a Sasquatch become a Bugger? How can anybody research something they don’t respect? It’s obviously a peculiar mindset besides being a southern slang term but come on; Sasquatch isn’t below us in intelligence. Imagine how they see us from their perspective. They have to be shown respect.

Here’s a tip for those of you camping out this summer:

Don’t camp or park your vehicle in a Cryptids dining room.  If you don’t want to be on the menu, I highly recommend you don’t call them … Buggers.






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Interdimensional Kuaystars


Please note that if you wish to use this drawing, please ask me first. All my drawings are copyrighted.

This group is ultimately the most inhumane of any Alien species or beings I have come across. Most of the other Alien groups stay clear of this dark and nefarious interdimensional and interstellar group. They absorb everything from their victims and use it as energy for their spacecrafts. This includes every aspect of what makes us conscious beings, in other words our very souls are used.

Their technology is so advanced that they can resume unimaginable speeds, travel worm holes, create portals of space and time and if needed create planets to reside on. They have found that being interdimensional has the fortunate aspects of multiple realities, timelines and worlds which means an unending source of energy.

This group doesn’t hide what it does and their reputations precede them. There are a select few Alien groups that can stand up to them but from what I understand, they don’t reside here in this part of the galaxy which is why the Kuaystars travel in this region.

I saw their alien technology more than I did their spacecrafts. The machines they used on people, aliens or whomever will be next on my list of drawings. They are very difficult to draw so it may take time for me to figure out how to do them.

If you see this group even in your minds eye, get out of their way! They are heinous and barbarous!