6 June 2015 0 Comments

Introducing, the Reptilian … Amaden


This is the first of a series of drawings that I am sharing with all of you. Please note that if you wish to use this drawing, ask for my permission first.

This drawing is of a reptilian named Amaden. He came to my attention the first of the year and tried to keep some of the other contacts away from me. I didn’t understand why I hadn’t heard from Loekey or Debryon in quite awhile. This particular visitor decided he wanted all my attention but I wasn’t necessarily cooperating with him. I didn’t know what the problem was but I also wasn’t open to a new contact from anyone. Loekey and Debryon felt like a handful. I have also had another being come to me but I will tell you all more about him in due time.

Understand that I am open to these beings but that does not mean I let them take over my life or allow them to control any aspect of my psyche. This drawing is my interpretation of what Amaden looks like with artistic privilege thrown in. He is actually red through out his body but I put multiple colors in to help give him more definition when copied in black and white.

This will be the first in a series of 7 drawings I have done of each being. Comments are welcome or if anyone has seen something similar, please let me know.

10 January 2015 0 Comments

AI is it Man’s only Hope to Connect with Alien Beings?

artificial brain

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been in the News quite a bit lately; many articles are saying we are getting closer to the tipping point of this technology taking off. What could this mean? It could mean the development of entities that could at first make man’s life easier, especially the people who could afford this luxury. Would this make the AI a slave or servant?

There is reliable talk that in about 15 years, many of our organs and other parts of our body could be replaced with AI technology, and extend our lives well into the future, again primarily for the wealthy individuals of this planet.

Tony Williams, who is the founder of the British-based legal consulting firm, is quoted as saying, “Law firms will see nearly all their process work handled by artificial intelligence robots. The robotic undertaking will revolutionize the industry, completely upending the traditional associate leverage model.” The report predicts that the artificial intelligence technology will replace all the work involving, processing information. If the work human lawyers do presently is 75% replaced by AI, then thousands of other human occupations will be eliminated.

Would we be a population of humans run by robots or would the robots start making better robots leaving man out in the cold, then what? Maybe, this would be a question only the AI robots would be able to answer. This seems a bit scary, especially if things gets this far and particularly if you are a human.

It is said that by 2040, nanobots may well be put into our bloodstream, expanding our minds, by adding billions of interneuron connections. This process will enhance our sheer brain power, a thousand times our present level.

I believe on a positive note, that artificial intelligence will bring a direct communication with Alien type beings. We (as we presently exist) cannot make a connection with them. I believe we never will be, without the help of the AI connecting us to various Alien type beings and all that lies in other realities.

artificial intelligence