Rainbow’s Diary


At days end, sometimes I have found my experiences include parts of my day to day life. I don’t always like this because in a way, it’s a creepy way of something or someone letting me know they are watching me. Usually, my dreams are in detail but when I experience these compelling connections to my daily life, they are fast packed with a lot of activity and symbolism. I can’t always figure these experiences out but I can usually remember them in detail. Here is a prime example of a conversation; I was having with a good friend that became a strange part of two dream experiences that happened one after the other.

The day of the 29th, I was having lunch with a good friend which ended up being over 2 hours. I picked her up at her house and went to our favorite restaurant, Hannah and Nate’s. As I was driving her back to her house, we were discussing a topic that I felt wasn’t mentioned enough about abductees. I asked her, “Do you think, any of us have special abilities as an end result of contact with Aliens, Mi-lab or MIBS?” She felt there was a possibility abductees could, and we began another lengthy conversation in her drive way.

I had mentioned that I went to see a woman in Taos a few months prior, who is considered a very good and highly sought after medium and Tarot reader. I usually don’t seek out tarot readers because I read tarot myself but her spot on readings got my attention besides word of mouth that she was highly intuitive. The day I saw her, one part of my reading actually surprised me. She explained, that there was a possibility that one or two sides were waiting to see if I could do something. Whatever it was, she stated that either I was born able to do something or I that was taught how to do something at a very young age.

I recounted to her that at age of 6, I was able to levitate and one unfortunate day, I did so at my elementary school, when I was in the 1st grade. I scared a bunch of kids off and after that I became an oddball with no friends. I asked a little girl if she could do it too and she said no and that I wouldn’t have any friends if I kept doing it. Well, I didn’t have any friends anyways but I decided never do it again because I didn’t like not having any friends. There were more experiences but I have forgotten them or should I say, blocked them.
She added, “They” are waiting to see if you can remember doing something that you have forgotten that is significant. Time will tell if you can remember.”

My friend asked me what I thought it was and I told her I didn’t know. With that being said, we hugged good-bye and I left for home. Strangely enough, as I was leaving my friends drive way I knew somehow that our conversation was being listened to. I couldn’t shake it off all day and that night as I fell asleep, I had a feeling something might happen.

I was in a living room in a strange house and the people there, wanted me to dance for them. I didn’t want to because for some reason, I felt a little uncomfortable, like something wasn’t quite right. A strange looking woman who was about 3 feet tall was trying to get me to talk to her. She blurted out emphatically that she wanted me to tell her everything about my conversation I had with my friend during that day. I thought it odd that she knew about my conversation because I knew we were alone, with no one around us.

She then started to try and get me to tell her what I thought my special power was. I thought it odd she said (power) instead of ability but then again I knew I was in a strange place and she was even stranger still. I wouldn’t talk to her about it which made her extremely agitated at me. She then insisted I tell her what my power was. I was trying to walk away from her but she quickly got in front of me, to stop me.

She lunged at me and I felt something inside me move around from my solar plexus through my chest. It felt strange at first but then I realized that whatever was inside me moving was familiar, warm and incredibly luminous. She grabbed me as I was running towards the front door and we fell forward. She was trying to get whatever was inside me … out of me. She became angry and at this point she knocked me back to the ground as I tried to get up. I was shocked at how strong she was and I became worried that I might not be able to fend her off me.

Somehow, I was able to push the energy she wanted, out of me through the top of my head and as she was trying to grab at it, I was directing it away from her like a ping pong ball. She grabbed a blanket and wrapped herself up in it. She then tried to wrap me up in it with her, and this is when I realized that she was a Grey Alien because she didn’t even bother at this point to keep her human form.

She knocked me down and tried to see where the energy came from inside me. I could feel her searching inside me even though we were rolling around on the floor. I didn’t like the feeling of her being able to look inside me, so I wrestled with her more forcefully, trying to get her off me. I made sure the energy that came out of me, was always out of her reach. She finally left me and went running for it but she could never move fast enough to snatch it. I felt strange and at the same time calm as this energy seemed to come out of me. I remember I was in a strange state of mind so much so, that I felt I was going to move out of my body and merge with the energy I was directing away from the Grey Alien.

At this point, I had, had enough of the Grey Alien, and somehow, I made a big tree in the middle of the living room, appear out of thin air. I saw a big branch and with my mind, I threw her up on the branch away from me. The last thing I remember saying to her before I woke up was, “I changed a long time ago.”

Once I opened my eyes, I felt exhausted, almost like I had gotten no sleep during the night. I realized that my premonition that someone had been listening in to our conversation the day before, was spot on. It was all I could do to get through the day. I took a nap, hoping that I would be left alone, so I could get some sleep. As night came, I thought I was home free because usually these experiences don’t happen, twice. Well, this time I was wrong.

mother and child human aliens

New Additions 11-23-14
These two additions from my diary have always stayed with me through out the years. I decided to share them because I think people need to know that there have been visitors coming here for many years. I feel if people need proof at this point in history then they really are living with their heads in the sand. We all instinctively know what is the truth. In today’s day and age, people are accustom to bury the truth deep within them. The more technology, the more foreign our higher-selves become to us.

The Men in Black memory, is one of many. The Alien-Men in Black taught me when I was a little girl so I tend to have a love-hate relationship with them. The government, Men in Black are just agents who take on the appearance of the initial Men in Black. The only similarity they have is the way they dress, beyond that there is no comparison.

Spacecraft and Children

Written down 9-8-2010
I was invited as a special guest to visit a spacecraft that was positioned close to earth. The human looking visitors were familiar with earth and they often came to visit us from what I was told.

I was standing in an unusually shaped spacecraft that served like a classroom of sorts for various types of curriculum’s being taught to the kids. We were all in very tight corridors so I knew it was a small spacecraft that operated more like a transportation vehicle. I was walking around many children who looked just like children on earth. I had the feeling that the mothership they came from was massive and not far away, though I can’t recall seeing it, I had more a feeling it was not far away.

The light inside was very bright and I was taken aback because the children seemed really excited to see me. For some reason I was compelled to tell the kids that I was from earth and immediately the hostess who was showing me around, anxiously told me not to tell the kids where I was from because I would scare them. This was so odd to me but it was made clear to me to keep quiet. I wondered why they felt this way about earth…

The children seemed to move at a faster speed then me and my mind had a difficult time slowing them down. They were highly intelligent and they obviously exuded a higher frequency then me. A little girl came over to me and started to excitedly talk to me but she was giving me a really bad headache. I immediately felt dizzy as she focused all her attention on me. Her speech sounded like it was on fast forward and I couldn’t keep up with what she was saying.

She was around 9 or 10 and her brain function was so much higher then mine and I could tell she didn’t understand why I couldn’t understand her. She assumed because I looked like her that I was just like her.

I came back from this experience very humbled because the children were just so much more intelligent then not only our kids but most adults here. I remember the hostess telling me that they learn at a very fast rate. In a silly way I almost wished that some of their intelligence would have rubbed off on me. I knew I was human and without a doubt that just wasn’t going to happen.

real man in black 2
Men in Black/a Pointed Needle/a Voice behind Me

The year of this experience wasn’t written down but I believe I was in my late 30’s. The first thing I remember was that I was tied down by my wrists and ankles to a large chair that made me look like I was a small child. It reminded me of the electric chairs in years past that they used in prisons. This one must have been for very large people.

There were two Men in Black standing in front of me by a doorway. They weren’t the white skinned Alien type but government agents. None the less, they were dressed completely in black, including sunglasses. I really didn’t like them and my animosity was growing because they seemed to be making fun of me. I lunged forward trying to get at them and realized I was tied down by my wrists and ankles.

A voice from behind me told me to look at my right palm. My wrist was untied and for a minute I thought maybe I could untie myself. The voice told me to take my right palm and place it over a long, pointed needle that was about a foot long and pyramid shaped. I immediately felt uncomfortable and I told the voice emphatically, “No,” and then said they couldn’t make me. The two Men in Black started to laugh and I again instinctively lunged at them which made them laugh even harder.

The voice told me again to place my palm over the needle and I again said “No!” All of a sudden my right arm moved on it’s own which was the weirdest feeling I have ever felt and I immediately knew I couldn’t stop it. I watched as my right palm moved over the sharp point of the long needle and no matter how much I focused, I couldn’t stop my right palm from being pricked by the needle. I blacked out as soon as I felt the tip of the needle prick my palm.

I believe the purpose of the chair was to intimidate me and make me feel like a small child. What I can say is because of the experience, I realized that I acquired a different kind of perception, almost like my frequency was altered, more sensitive.

I saw no cut or prick on my right palm after I remembered the experience happened. There were no marks on my wrists or ankles. My palm in no way felt sore or showed any signs of being messed with. I was agitated beyond belief though, and I honestly think I could have taken those Men in Black on and beat the crap out of them.

tumblr_mwru41OSDr1qgar3bo1_400 night sky

To be honest, I had to really think hard about sharing with any of you, the intimate details concerning my experiences and what I consider abductions or mind controlled dreams or holograms. A part of me feels a little naked in some ways but I’ve been directed to share these memories with whoever wants to read them so that a connection can be established between us. I am hoping that those of you who have had similar experiences and memories will feel more at peace in knowing you are not alone.

I will start with the year 2009 because this seems to be the year when I was more willing to write down what was happening to me. To be clear I have had experiences since I was a little girl. Sometimes it’s just time to let go and step out of the cobwebs.

Helicopters/UFOs/Levitating vehicle

Jan 11th, 2009

I was standing on a sidewalk in a residential neighborhood. A loud noise got my attention and I looked up. There was a dark grey helicopter that was in the air that was huge. It was a two level helicopter with the pilot’s window showing on the top level. There where about a dozen men dressed in black uniforms with their faces covered. They were going up and down steps that were on the outside of the helicopter doing maneuvers. They would go inside the lower level on one side and do amazing acrobatics as they came out on the other side. Both doors were open so I could see them coming in and out of both sides.

The main pilot could be seen through a window that was circular and angled. It was a very unusual and large window that seemed to be part computer/part window. I could see the main pilot from his head to his waist and he also had earphones on. I also saw two other pilots with the main pilot. Everyone had sunglasses on and I believe the pilots had different colored uniforms then the men doing maneuvers. I had the feeling it was some kind of special forces or black ops.

To this day I have never seen a helicopter like this one in any photos, magazines or books (I looked). It was very unusual and I believe I was in a parallel dimension when I saw this. The reason for my conclusion is because the people on the ground walking around me didn’t seem to pay any attention to it.

Also to note, I have many dreams of helicopters and have never been in one this life time or as far as I know.

February 16th, 2009

On this particular night I was at my townhouse alone except for my cat, Booboo that was sleeping on my bed. I wore some funky green pajamas to bed and decided to make it an early night. I had been feeling all day that something was either watching me or that I was going to be abducted. I decided to consciously say to whom ever was listening that if I was taken, I wanted to take my cat with me because I wanted a validation for myself that I was actually gone from my bedroom. I don’t think my cat appreciated me involving her in one of my abductions but the validation proved that someone “was” listening. Oh, sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.

This particular night, as soon as I put my head down on my pillow, I fell fast asleep. Before I knew it, I opened my eyes and I was walking through rows and rows of barracks. They were silver in color, the typical metal type of buildings associated with military bases. In a flash, I then realized I was on a military base. I looked up and saw a big military plane and another aircraft come out from under it. I then started to walk towards one of the barracks because I saw a helicopter fly towards the roof of one of the barracks and I saw the roof open up. The helicopter slowly dropped down into the barracks and then a few more helicopters dropped slowly down one at a time. I actually saw one of the pilots and I know he saw me.

As I was mesmerized watching the helicopters drop down into what I assumed was an underground landing strip, a group of people started to gather along a chain link fence. They were watching a “new” plane come in and land. It was grey in color, almost like a non-descript flat grey. I noticed as I walked over to the fence that I was actually holding my cat Booboo. She was wiggling like crazy and wanted down because she was scared. I had to hold onto her very tightly because I knew if she ran off; it would be hard to find her later.

I stood behind two men who looked like mechanics; they were talking about the plane as it was landing. One of them asked how fast the plane could go. The other guy who answered said, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe mack one or mack two. It’s not one of our faster planes.”

I remember thinking at the time, “What did they mean, mack one or mack two?”

I watched the plane land and saw that there was another one like it that was coming in behind it. The planes were very long and narrow. There were two pilots that came out of the plane that landed nearest to the fence and just one pilot coming out of the other plane. The pilots were two men and one woman. The woman had short blonde hair and seemed to be in her early thirties. The two men were about the same age as the woman. They wore grey jumpsuits but I don’t remember any insignias or patches that they wore. They were there but I didn’t focus on them.

The three pilots came around the fence through a gate opening and walked towards me. The woman smiled at me and asked if she could hold my cat. I told her she could and she took her and started petting her. It was then that I realized that I was in my green pajamas, barefoot and I was totally mortified. I couldn’t figure out for a split second why Booboo was with me and why I was wearing my green pajamas. I then realized that I wasn’t home in my bed. The weird part that confused me the most was that I was walking around in the daytime but I knew it was nighttime back home. That really baffled me.

I tried to make small talk to the woman pilot and said, “I would love to go for a ride but I guess you hear that a lot!” She answered back that they carried a unique cargo but I got the impression that she meant people. It was odd how she said it.

The woman pilot unexpectedly put my cat down which irritated me and I said, “No, don’t put my cat down!” I went running to grab Booboo before she could take off.

As I turned towards the woman pilot, I noticed that up towards some hills there were beautiful clouds starting to form out of nowhere. We walked up towards the area where the clouds were forming. It was at the end of a row of barracks towards a fence on the back end of the base. There was nothing but hills and desert. It was either Arizona or New Mexico because I recognized the topography or it was familiar to me.

The clouds were moving around fast almost like a thunder cloud was forming right in front of us. I said, “Have you ever seen clouds move so fast?” Seconds after I said this, a huge UFO came out of the clouds and moved within 20 to 30 feet above the ground about a hundred yards a way from us. There were lights at first and then the full spacecraft emerged. I yelled in excitement, “Look at that UFO!” It looked like nothing I have ever seen in movies. The only comparison would be a little bit like the Star trek Voyager design. It had lights all the way around the circular hub and the bottom part was long almost like the handle of a gun. The top part of the hub was what was so different. It angled down and one side had multiple lights and what seemed like windows or interfaced areas. Lightning was coming out of what looked like a low developing cumulus cloud. There were clouds swirling like tornado tails but it seems the spacecraft was creating the clouds around it. It looked like a vortex of some sort was created and the clouds were the end result.

One of the other pilots came running over and said, “I’m missed it!”
The woman pilot looked at me with a strange look on her face and waved her hand at me to silence me as I was yelling in amazement. She said, “You didn’t see a UFO.” She pointed behind me and said, “Because of those guys!” I turned and saw two men in black at a distance standing by a black car with sunglasses and overcoats on, looking directly at me. I understood at that moment that they could be very dangerous. I looked back at the woman pilot and quietly said, “I guess I didn’t see a UFO.” I realized that I could get everyone in trouble by even being there and I knew I wasn’t supposed to have seen the UFO come out of the cloud formations.

I started to walk away and one of the male pilots came over to walk with me. He said, “It’s too bad what we can’t see.” I understood what he meant and knew immediately he was saying it in a non confrontational way. He really meant, “not allowed” to see or talk about it.

I looked down at my green pajamas again and told the male pilot that I didn’t understand why I was still in my pajamas.

The woman pilot joined us and she suggested we go get something to eat. They directed me to one of the barracks that had an opening on the side of it and a paved road that led down to an underground facility. I was checking out the entrance when I got a glimpse of the UFO moving away towards another part of the base so I decided to go have a last look at it. I walked around the barracks to a dirt road that was fenced off. I saw the spacecraft move without making any sound. There were a few crackles from the lightning emanating from the clouds. There were two soldiers in a jeep driving towards me and I noticed that the spacecraft didn’t seem to faze them at all.

At this point I was tired of holding Booboo and I was wondering how long I would be there. Seconds after I had this thought, I woke up in bed with Booboo kitty nestled up by my stomach. That was unusual because she always slept either by my feet or by my head. She didn’t budge and I was too tired to do anything else but fall back asleep. The next morning she was still sleeping in the same spot right by my stomach. Neither of us moved from our spots the remaining part of that night.

Booboo and I were exhausted the following day. I felt like I had been run over by a bus and she slept through out the day and the following night. She didn’t eat, but she did drink a lot of water. I felt like I was sick but with no flu like symptoms. The oddest thing of all is I felt like I had been flattened out like a pancake and then popped back into shape.

One more thing, I always get up for bathroom breaks because I drink a lot of water at night but this particular morning I found that I was dehydrated to the point I felt like a prune on the inside. My water bottles hadn’t been touched and they were all full of water.

April 17th, 2009

I was looking at a group of people in the daytime somewhere on the Westside of Albuquerque. As I got my bearings, I realized that most of the people were all in uniform. There were patches of pavement that looked different from the rest of a double wide road. I looked closer and it looked like we were all on a tarmac.

(This is where I think I saw a building that looked like a small PNM building with a chain link fence and barbed wire around it. It had one door and the building was the size of a large elevator.)

As if everybody was right on queue, they all started to salute and to my amazement a vehicle came up from the pavement. I could see the edges lift up and off as the vehicle came up all the way and levitated off the ground. A high ranking officer stepped off the levitating vehicle and walked towards the group of people.

I watched the levitating vehicle drop back down and the part of the pavement that came up with it went back into place.

The levitating vehicle was rectangular in shape and had two open sides. On one corner a technician operated the vehicle; the opposite areas seemed to be for passengers. The high ranking officer was standing and I don’t remember seeing any seats. For all intense and purposes it looked like a levitating elevator.

The reason why I brought up the PNM looking building was because within this same dream or one very similar, I saw military men go into this type of small PNM building and not come back out. As a matter of fact, it seemed weird that anyone would walk into this type of building except to work on panels or electrical stuff. I actually remember seeing the door open and I thought it looked like an elevator inside.

There are small buildings like this in more places then anyone would think, inconspicuous and out in the middle of nowhere or by landing strips. I found what I thought was one of the actual buildings on the Westside of Albuquerque and when I saw it, it definitely creeped me out. I saw a camera by the front door and I knew that whoever was watching the building through that camera, saw my car. I left in a hurry and never went back.