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The Haunting of Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant


A Family Affair
Being a Sci-fi fan and paranormal enthusiast, it’s common a few evenings out of the week, for me to watch Ghost Adventures, Dead Files etc. to get my weekly fix of high strangeness. One evening I was watching the Ghost Adventure guys and to my surprise, they were in Santaquin, Utah filming at a family restaurant. I checked out where the town Santaquin was located from where Michael and I live and it was a short distance away, under an hour.

I enthusiastically told Michael about Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant and we decided to head out and visit it the following weekend. I called the restaurant to let them know we would be coming and as luck would have it, Leslie the restaurant owner answered the phone. She was a real sweetheart and down to earth kind of gal. We talked a short while and she even told me a few stories of her own experiences. But before I get into the actual haunting and experiences, let me give you some history of the town.

Santaquin was settled in 1851 by Mormon pioneers. There was a war called the Walker war that lasted from 1853-1854. The war started with a confrontation with James Walker Ivie which resulted in the death of several Timpanogos (also known as Ute) tribe members. It had to do with trade interruptions and hostilities between the Mormons and the Native Americans. There were raids and each side retaliated which resulted in the loss of life on both sides. Santaquin was at first named, Summit City but was later renamed in 1856 in honor of the son of Guffich, a local native chieftain friendly to the settlers.

Interestingly enough, the deaths and burial ground of some of the Ute Indians is part of the hauntings of the restaurant since it was supposedly built on a Native American burial ground. But there are other ghosts who for some reason or another have decided to stay within the restaurants familiar walls as well.

Leslie told me about a ghost with a sense of humor who was behind her and said, “Boo!”

She laughed at that one and she also saw a little girl who was emphatically talking to her. It seems as if Leslie is seen as a motherly figure and I can also see that they acknowledge her as the matriarch of the restaurant. Smart ghosts.

When Michael and I arrived at the restaurant we were greeted by friendly smiles and as we looked around the large room, it was evident by the many photos on the wall that Leslie and her family were leaving a legacy all their own. It was a warm and friendly place but you could feel something, almost like eyes upon you. It could have been all the photos on the wall or maybe some patrons of long ago.

We let some of the wait-staff know we were paranormal investigators and they enthusiastically started talking to us about their experiences. Charlotte, Leslie’s granddaughter came over and volunteered to give us a tour after our meal. I must add here that we really enjoyed our meal. They are known far and wide for their scones and they did not disappoint. Think of them as sopapillas but better!! Their honey butter is to die for! (No pun intended)

As we were eating Charlotte told us about a woman spirit in the women’s bathroom who was sad and heard crying. They believe she is a woman who lost her child to drowning a few streets behind the restaurant years ago. The bathroom at first seems just like any average bathroom and then a little melancholy sets in and it seems to affect the emotions a little and for some a lot. Those who are empathic are impacted more so than those who aren’t. There is also a dark spirit that Zach from the Ghost Adventures tried to agitate from the men’s bathroom. The dark spirit allegedly scratched a visitor on one of the ghost tours the family offers. As far as the episode with Zach commanding the dark spirit to show itself, the likelihood of the dark spirit actually scratching him shown in the episode is pretty unlikely. But those ratings always need a little boost!


We followed Charlotte into another room that used to be a bar but is now used for parties etc. It was really heavy and to me housed most of the spirits that were connected through the illegal gambling which happened down in the basement many years ago. Charlotte said they were able to get the spirits to turn on and off flashlights. She also said that during a voicebox session two names came through, Peter and Henry. Henry for some reason messes with the electronics and they think that Peter is the one talking to them through the flashlight.


The family was told that at any given time they have more than a hundred spirits coming in and out of the restaurant, hanging out or communicating with people. My thoughts on this particular room is that the spirits from the illegal gambling days moved there from down below because the Indians who’s burial ground was inharmoniously defiled are hostile to anyone wanting to stay down there. 168

I also heard there was a vortex in the restaurant and sensed where I thought it was by the party room. There is a bathroom adjacent to the party room with a brick wall painted a dark brown or reddish in color and I asked Charlotte if there used to be a doorway there. She said, “No.”

It wasn’t so much a doorway to me but an opening and then it hit me that this was where the vortex is located. You could actually feel the spirits coming in and out through the wall. It made sense to me because the room seemed to be full of spirits that were all talking at the same time, like actually being in a bar or gambling room. At times it felt as if the room was beyond capacity in spirits.


Next we went down to the basement but to get there Charlotte had to open up a wooden door from the floor that once opened revealed steps going down into a very dark room. Stepping into the room was like stepping into an Indian campground. It was like I was at one of the Pueblos back home only this time was with departed spirits. They weren’t happy and I must say that the basement was kind of a mess with things piled in different corners that had been there for years.


I knew immediately why the spirits were upset. Imagine a place where your loved ones were once buried and all of a sudden, someone comes along and builds a structure over their gravesites.


I was greeted by a young Native American who was shirtless, wearing leather pants with long black hair and a small pouch hanging from his neck. I didn’t see a mark on him where a bullet hole would be so I got the impression that perhaps he didn’t die from a gunshot wound. I think he got sick and died from some type of consumption. All in all there were 7 spirits down there that were unhappy. There could have been more but that is who came through to me. They were very unhappy with the mess over their gravesites. I think that the dark spirit that scratched the visitor in the men’s bathroom was probably one of the Native American spirits in the basement. 152

I told Charlotte that if they cleaned it up and paid homage to the spirits who were buried there, that the energy would be lighter, better and they would be happier. I suggested a Remembering Blessing that the family members could do to appease the spirits and let them know they are not forgotten. To be forgotten for many of us is worse than death but if you are dead, feeling no one cares or knows about your plight, it could be a prison of inconsequence.

Amy Allan from the Dead Files commented that Leslie would need representatives from many religions to do a ceremony to help appease the spirits at the restaurant. Leslie told me on the phone it was basically impossible and I agree with her. To advise this is a set up for failure. How can anybody possibly do this? Not many people have the time or ability to find such a large group.


What I feel needs to be done is simpler. A Medicine Man from the Ute tribe and a Bishop from the Mormon faith need to come and do a Blessing of the Spirits. An intermediary such as an empath or healer who is not from either group would stand between the Bishop and Medicine Man. From the Medicine man I see a pouch of prayers being offered. From the Bishop a written Blessing. If both representatives could do the ceremony, the hostility would dissipate and there would be a lighter feeling down in the basement and throughout the restaurant. Remembering the Dead once a year is a good way to let them know they are not forgotten.

At the end of our tour, we said good-bye to Charlotte and felt we had just made a new friend. To Leslie and her family, we would like to thank you for your gracious hospitality and to the spirits of Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant, rest assured, you are not forgotten.


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10 Responses to “The Haunting of Leslie’s Family Tree Restaurant”

  1. rainbow 8 November 2018 at 11:19 pm #

    Hi Suzy,

    Thanks for writing in.

    The food is really good there for sure. Sometimes the spirits tend to be a bit shy now and then. I’ve been to places too, that didn’t show up anything and the next time I went back, I got the mother-lode of contacts and pics. It just depends on what I call, mystical whimsy timing!

    Take care and the best to you and your family!

    Rainbow And Michael

  2. Suzy Smith 8 November 2018 at 9:55 pm #

    My family and I had breakfast their this morning. Took lots of pics in and around the restaurant. Didn’t feel anything at all and nothing showed up in any of the photos. The food was pretty good though.

  3. rainbow 2 October 2017 at 1:58 pm #

    Hello HollyDolly,

    The thing is with going in and helping people, you have to understand where they are coming from and how bad the situation is. We went to the restaurant and while you can feel the spirits there, not all felt bad. You have to understand the relationship between the spirits and the living. The family has to be comfortable with any type of cleansing. If they don’t feel comfortable with other religions, (which I don’t know just speculating) than they would be less inclined to call upon them.

    I must add, they are a wonderful family and we had a great meal while visiting there!

    The shows helped put their restaurant on the map which is how we heard about them, so the more substantiated evidence the better for them to be able to claim the place is haunted … and we believe it is. You can see the spirits in the photos Michael took.

    Utah is a big Mormon state and yes, there are Catholic churches in Utah but that doesn’t mean that the answer is for every religious group to come in and do a blessing. The historical issues in this town are between the Mormons and the Natives who were original to the area. I disagree with Amy on this and I stand by what I suggested. Multiple religions are not needed to clear the restaurant.

    We went in after these two shows aired and the restaurant does not feel bad, the basement is another story. There are multiple spirits still in the building as well as a portal by a bathroom in a back room they use for parties. My partner and I have been doing paranormal research for well over 50 years between us. I see and hear spirits, they speak to me as well. Everybody is different I guess. We don’t have a TV show that’s the difference between the GA and DF groups and us. But we are no less equipped to help people in need. I come from a family of healers, this is what we do.

    Many Blessings and thanks for writing in.

    Rainbow and Mike

  4. HollyDolly 2 October 2017 at 1:22 pm #

    I watched both shows on the restaurant.Ghost Adventures and Dead Files.I don’t really know which show was filmed first there. But I do think they should have taken Amy’s advice. Because if they weren’t going to listen to her, then why call in Zak Bagans and GA to do an investigation supposedly looking for help of some kind.
    It certainly was interesting. And in regards to the ghosts, first get a medicine man for any native americans, then a mormon minister or bishop to take care of any spirits who were mormons. There are catholics in Utah, but not sure if there are any churches in the area. However there might be some other protestant group who could take of the non mormons.
    Or at least say some prayers for these peoples souls. Would like to find out from Dead Files or Ghost Adventures what has happend there since these two did their investigations.

  5. rainbow 14 August 2017 at 11:46 pm #

    Michael and I went to the restaurant and there was no one there exaggerating anything. People told stories of what happened to them and we believed them. If you haven’t been to this restaurant … go there yourself and talk to the family. They are friendly and very welcoming besides serving great food. You can talk while you eat.

    And as far as shutting down experiences … that is not exactly how things work. Being a spiritually responsible person means to have compassion for beings, spirits and entities trapped and or otherwise in need of help. I also would say that everyone has their view of what a religiously devout person is so my motto is to live and let live. I understand every religion has their way of dealing with hauntings but it’s the families that live with these problems on a daily basis, not the clergy or elders. Leslie and her family seem to be comfortable with the spirits that are there.

    Thanks for your comment.

  6. ndmelander 14 August 2017 at 9:18 pm #

    Reba, if that is the case then so be it as the hauntings don’t seem to bother the family enough to do anything to disrupt the spirits. As if the shows themselves weren’t advertisements for entertainment. The symbiotic relationships are good for both businesses.

    Besides, if the owners are devout Mormons then they would have had a Bishop come to bless the place a long time ago. That would be standard operating procedure. If that didn’t work, there would have been a Stake President, and if considered by the family and LDS Church serious enough SLC is home to Apostles and Prophets. personally I think all the shows, like the owners themselves, have exaggerated the spirits. A religiously devout person would have sought to shut these experiences down if felt threatened.

    Sorry for the late comment, but just learned about this restaurant. Was curious about any updates.

  7. mwiz 5 May 2017 at 7:09 pm #

    Hello Tara,

    Actually I talked with Leslie and watched the Dead Files show 3xs to get a good idea of what Amy said. And it came across as getting them all together. There is no right or wrong here as far as the family goes. They are Mormon and I think they should bring in someone from their faith to do a ceremony. It’s not up to you and me to decide what’s best for them and since we were there, we feel that not all the souls there are trapped. Some of them like it there and choose to stay which for me as an Empath, isn’t a problem as long as they don’t hurt anybody.

    Now the Native Americans are another story and they need someone from their faith such as a Medicine Man to come in which is what I suggested. I think since the issues stem from each group, a blessing ceremony from both sides would be the best way to allow peace and respect for all concerned.

    Looking at the dead from a Modern perspective is all we as the living have in regards to dealing with them. Reality is what it is and I don’t think anyone who has passed on, minds what time in history it is, just as long as they are not forgotten.

    Thanks for writing in!

    Micheal and Rainbow

  8. Tara 5 May 2017 at 3:27 pm #

    Wait – did Amy actually say all the religious leaders had to be brought in at once? I think what she meant was do a cleansing, and then bring in as many different religious leaders as possible to try to appeal to any dead who have various religious beliefs. That makes sense to me. Think about the time ranges we’re talking about here. People were very devout and disinclined to listen to other religious ideas. We can’t think about treating the dead from a wholly modern perspective. Also, Amy described the dead being trapped energetically and traumatized (which I agree with considering there are SO many spirits there – that’s not a normal haunting situation). So we’re talking potentially devout, traumatized people who have been trapped for a long, long time. Whats the harm in first cleansing and then having multiple different religious crossing over ceremonies? Even if that’s not what Amy said exactly, doing something is better than nothing. There are people suffering – poking at them with more investigations isn’t going to help.

  9. mwiz 7 January 2017 at 11:54 pm #

    Hi Reba,

    I disagree with you regarding the owner. She was a very sweet woman and her family was very gracious. There was no “crying” for help because I was the one who called her. Personally, I don’t have a problem with spirits remaining in a location as long as they don’t hurt anybody. Also the recommendation by Amy Allan is nearly impossible to do. Let’s see you get shamans, priests, pastors etc. of each religion and bring them all in to do a ceremony at the same time. That was ridiculous to even suggest that. I suggested to her granddaughter what I felt they needed to do. They have the right to think differently. And I don’t think getting more publicity for her restaurant is a bad thing either. I’m not sure why it’s an issue for you but to each his or her own. Thanks for writing in!

    Kindest Regards,


  10. Reba 7 January 2017 at 7:24 pm #

    This is rediculous, all this woman care about is advertising her resteraunt. She’s been on every show “crying for help” but refuses to do as told. Because she doesn’t want the spirits gone, it’s a gimmick. Even the name of her place has changed, all because of more publicity.

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