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Interdimensional Kuaystars


Please note that if you wish to use this drawing, please ask me first. All my drawings are copyrighted.

This group is ultimately the most inhumane of any Alien species or beings I have come across. Most of the other Alien groups stay clear of this dark and nefarious interdimensional and interstellar group. They absorb everything from their victims and use it as energy for their spacecrafts. This includes every aspect of what makes us conscious beings, in other words our very souls are used.

Their technology is so advanced that they can resume unimaginable speeds, travel worm holes, create portals of space and time and if needed create planets to reside on. They have found that being interdimensional has the fortunate aspects of multiple realities, timelines and worlds which means an unending source of energy.

This group doesn’t hide what it does and their reputations precede them. There are a select few Alien groups that can stand up to them but from what I understand, they don’t reside here in this part of the galaxy which is why the Kuaystars travel in this region.

I saw their alien technology more than I did their spacecrafts. The machines they used on people, aliens or whomever will be next on my list of drawings. They are very difficult to draw so it may take time for me to figure out how to do them.

If you see this group even in your minds eye, get out of their way! They are heinous and barbarous!

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