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26 April 2015 0 Comments

Taken to a Parallel Reality

limegreen water 2

Part 2 April 16th, 2014

I lost time or woke up in this reality and then fell asleep and woke up back in time to see that we were on the ground, actually on a road and the transporter was being driven like a car. It was a 4 lane highway and we were traveling through tunnels of rock that were reddish-purple. It seemed as if they leveled a lot of rock to create the 4 lane highway because there were boulders and major rock formations all around us. Our lane had two arrows, pointing either to the left or straight and the lane to our right went in an entirely different direction. The right lane went into a tunnel or under a bridge while we went into another tunnel that had tracks on it like a train. It seemed like the transporter had no wheels but levitated off the ground. Once we went over the tracks, the speed of the transporter went much faster unfortunately at an uncomfortable speed. I could feel the intense pressure getting stronger and then my heart rate went up. It was like the transporter kept going faster and faster without slowing down and the speed was beyond anything I had experienced before or I should say remember experiencing. It was almost unbearable.I could feel the pressure through out my body for the rest of the trip.

We suddenly stopped at a building that seemed to be underground. The group of people I was with, were escorted off the transporter and directed up some stairs to the main floor of a building. It was a massive building that had a huge open space with different levels of open rooms and areas. There were about 200 of us so I had to assume some people arrived before my group and some in other transporters following us. I noticed that everybody was dressed up and I vaguely remember changing my clothes before I went on the transporter. It seemed to be an important gathering of people, like a special event.

We were all directed to a location where a huge spacecraft was waiting for us. We had to step up onto a platform and then go up some stairs. One of the maintenance crew for the spacecraft, dressed in the same light brown jumpsuit said, “Congratulations and welcome aboard.”

I stepped up and almost missed the handrail as I was getting to the last step. I thought it was funny that I almost fell especially since that is something I would do in this reality. I then walked into a long hallway that had chairs that were white with cup holders built into them. They were either white leather or a weird sort of plastic that looked like leather. On the other side was what seemed to be a large window or something shiny, reflecting back light? There was a group of elderly women and a few men to my right who were laughing and talking loudly as they sat down. One woman in particular had short salt and pepper hair and she was wearing a white top and skirt. For some reason she stood out in the group. I walked past them and came to the end of the hallway and could turn either right or left. I turned to the left and walked along another hallway into a big room (almost as if I knew where to go) the actual room was where the humungous front window was located in the front of the spacecraft. It was massive, 100 feet wide by 50 feet high.

I decided to sit down on a chair not far from where I turned to go down the hallway by the massive window. Again no matter where I looked, the chairs were all white and looked like leather or a weird plastic. They all had cup holders in them and little side tables. When I sat down, there was a seat to my left with a key on it. A man was looking at me and I think he wanted me to take the key. I didn’t feel comfortable with him looking at me and I didn’t want to take the key. This definitely was weird but I just ignored him.

I was wondering where Savanah was at this point because I wanted to experience the excitement with her being on the spacecraft. I knew she was enjoying her friends so I decided to get up and walk to the front of the spacecraft so I could be closer to the massive window. There were seats that were positioned like theater seats towards the window. They swiveled so people could turn completely around and talk with each other. There were seats positioned on the sides facing the theater chairs. They were a few steps up and seemed to have a function that was for more casual sitting, snacking etc. I sat down at the end of an aisle just 3 rows back that faced the massive window.

A scientist and his female companion were sitting behind me. I know he was either Tesla or Einstein. I recognized the hair and I knew that his companion was a scientist as well. The scientist was wearing a dark suit with a tie. His hair was long and kinky. It was salt and pepper in color and he had a dark mustache. His female companion had dark blonde hair, up in a bun. She was dressed in a blouse, skirt and sweater. They seemed to be in their early 60’s. I knew them and looked at them and they seemed to know me. They seemed to be responsible for all of us being in this spacecraft. He tried to give a speech but nobody was listening. He eventually laughed and gave up and said, “If anybody heard me, do a little dance!” I laughed because I knew he said it because he knew I was a dancer plus he was looking right at me when he said it. I answered back, “That would be easy!”

The spacecraft started to levitate and fly at this point and we all knew we were on our way to an amazing place. The atmosphere in the spacecraft was just like we were in a building on the ground. I could feel nothing and yet could see we were up and flying when I looked out the window. Nobody could feel the spacecraft accelerate, including me. It was a very comfortable ride and the temperature inside was perfect. There was no way to know we were flying at an unimaginable rate of speed.

We approached our destination within what seemed an hour and I remember that I was so excited because I knew where we were going. (I had been there many times before and yet at this very moment of writing this experience, I can’t remember the name of the place or where we went.) I ran to the front of the seats and so did the two scientists behind me. We were looking at buildings built on top of a bluish, limegreen ocean. The scientist who looked like Tesla or Einstein declared, “We have the best seats in the house!” I laughed and thought what an odd comment, one that seemed old fashioned.

The spacecraft angled down and a building came into view that was octagon in shape with long angles going up and out from the roof. I knew there was a huge city below the water and that the building was just an entrance point and landing strip.

I couldn’t contain my excitement so I ran to the massive window, feeling a little embarrassed at first but then a few other people came up, a young woman to my left and a few people to my right. I just couldn’t believe how lucky we were to be “going” back to this place. As we went closer and closer to the building the experience faded…