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5 March 2018 0 Comments

Paranormal Underground Magazine-February issue

Check out the February issue of Paranormal Underground including my article, “The Milieu and Correlation Between Doppelgangers, Twins and Clones.” It’s a fantastic magazine with an array of articles from hauntings to horror and aliens.

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Rainbow and Mike



6 October 2017 0 Comments

Paranormal Underground Magazine-September Issue

Here is the September issue of Paranormal Underground magazine. Lots of great articles for the paranormal and Cryptid enthusiast! Check out my article, Dogman VS. Werewolf: Similar Cryptids With a Big Difference (Part 2)

Here’s the link:



3 October 2017 0 Comments

Paranormal Underground Magazine-August Issue

Check out this amazing magazine that I contribute to! Inside each issue are great articles from some of the best researchers, paranormal investigators, Shamans alike. It’s a must have for Cryptid and paranormal researcher enthusiasts!

In this issue, read my two articles, “Are You a Sensitive, Psychic or Empath? What’s the Difference? and “Dogman VS. Werewolf: Similar Cryptids With a Big Difference.”

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14 June 2017 0 Comments

Paranormal Underground Magazine

Check out my articles in the April and May issues of the Paranormal Underground magazine. Lots of great articles and insights into the paranormal from people just like you and me, looking for the truth.