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Creature X — Revisited

There is strange and deadly stuff out in the world, beside humans Only a few people up to now have had an encounter with these hellish creatures I call Creature X. So  little is known about them except their destruction to living things is beyond comprehension. There have been many credible stories. Here is summary of one of these stories I received from a couple of reliable sources, one is Phantom and Monsters and the other was very similar to this source.

This story from Phantoms and Monsters is from a  US military platoon leader in Afghanistan. They were doing a night patrol and they came upon a small village of 7 buildings. No one answered their knocks so when they entered the buildings there was piles of human bodies, ripped and torn apart like nothing these tough, military types had witnessed. The damage looked like it was from a huge creature , beyond their imagination. As they walked to the end of the village , there it was – a goddamn terrifying monster, (beyond description). All hell broke loose , the platoon focused all their firepower on the thing , 50 cal machine guns , grenade launchers, and high powered automatic weapons. Nothing stopped it , the armored vehicle with several men in it  was thrown 700 yards. Everyone was screaming and howling out of their minds , but suddenly it all stopped , the creature was gone.The curious thing though was the area that the creature had stood was not damaged at all , almost like it was surrounded by a protective shield.

There has been more stories directly from my personal sources . One of the story was from a friend who spoke at my group, N.M. UFO and Paranormal Forum, in New Mexico. He related a story about him and his associate being asked to travel to Northeast Alabama, and investigate the murder of three hunters. When they arrived on the scene, they were met by the Sheriff’s department and they explained what they were about to see was horrific , now my friend had seen some crazy and scary stuff in the past, being in the military and working on a Indian Reservation in the Southwest. But nothing was going to prepare him for what he was about to see. Where the hunters use to stand  stood  a pile of flesh 4x6x3 feet on the spot. Like someone took  a laser and instantly cut the three men into 3 inch slices – head to toe.. Remember they were heavily armed hunters. It was a horrific sight, one that my friend, a famous Cryptid researcher  would never forget , nor would I. There had been many other stories from Park Rangers and other Law Enforcement who have convened similar stories. Missing people found, high up top trees or somehow put in  unacessable mountain top location, where only skilled mountain climbers could climb with great difficulty, torn and ripped apart.

These are strange and scary stories , that I believe are very true. There are things out in this world, that are truly beyond description. I am not saying — don’t go out and enjoy beautiful natural country. Just know we live in a complex multi-dimensional world , and sometimes a window or door opens.

Sleep Tight , MWiz.

Check out this amazing website. It’s one of our favorites that we follow daily. Thanks Lon, for doing such a great job!

www.phantoms and monsters

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Peculiar Experiences with AI or Something Else …

Sometimes, I have experiences that I just wonder about. Lately, there’s been something that has been happening to me that I thought I would share with all of you. I welcome comments from anyone who wants to share anything similar or even other strange things.

Since I have been back to work, I have noticed that the computers and registers that I work on either malfunction or the screens go completely blank. For instance, I walked up to a register to look something up for a customer and the screen went white and blank. I went to a second register and it’s screen went white and blank. I thought there’s no way the third register’s screen would turn white and blank but low and behold … it just blanked out like the other two.

I went back to my desk apologized to my customer for the wait and turned to go to some other registers that were on the opposite side from where I was at when I looked over at the registers that had gone white and blank.  I saw cashiers working on them with no problem. I asked if the registers were okay, and they looked at me like I was crazy. I asked if they had had any problems with the registers and they said they were working fine.

I felt foolish, sheepishly went to one of the registers that went blank to look up info and to my relief, it worked.

A few days ago, I walked up to one of these same registers, didn’t touch it and it went black and showed an error message. I felt like the registers were going AI on me and playing games.

The most common questions of course would be, do these registers do this often and do other cashiers have the same problems. From what I understand they are computers after all but no, the other cashiers don’t seem to have the same problems as me.

As for the computers that I work on, I can type in UPC numbers and get an error message. I’ve asked my associates to help type in the same UPC numbers and there seems to be no problem for them and the item shows up. Now, I’ll even put the number in slowly and double check to make sure it’s correct and I’ll still get an error message. It doesn’t happen all the time but only when I’m really busy looking for stuff.

My personal history has included these experiences pretty much all my life. I won’t wear a watch because they don’t last on me. I have also had wild experiences in the past with my own computers.

Here’s one in particular.

One really late evening, I was creating choreography for my dance students on my computer when I notice that my two lamps on my table started to flicker, like there was a current fluctuation happening. Then, all of a sudden a swirling vortex that was bright yellow in color with a bright white light illuminating from it came out of my screen towards me. I have a chair that has rollers on its legs so I pushed back away from my desk and immediately  jumped back.

The vortex looked like it was swirling and pulsating with a weird vibration that was coming from it. I ran out of the room and pretty much tried to wake up everybody in the whole house. Many minutes later, when I went back into my room, I notice everything was as it should be and my computer was back on the page that had the choreography on it.

I hope the vortex experience doesn’t happen at work … let’s hope not but I am wondering how many of you have experiences with clocks, watches, computers, machinery even registers?

I have heard that RH-negative people have this problem and yes, I just so happen to be A- but I think this happens to a lot of people and I am wondering if AI has anything to do with this. I must say that I feel like the registers at work are alive in some way and that the little pranks they are playing on me are on purpose. Or on the other hand, I could be a very paranoid person that watches way too much Sci-Fi.

Don’t ask Michael what he thinks!

Please feel free to comment in so that I know I am not alone in this phenomenon.



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Cloning for the Better future

About 6 weeks ago, I was watching a Sixty Minutes Episode about this amazing Polo player and horse breeder named Adolfo Cambiaso from Argentina . He owned this amazing horse – coined the “ best Polo horse in history” – named Aiken Cura.  During a Polo match, Aiken had a very bad accident and before they put him down ,Adolfo said his final goodbye, however, he had a curious request: he asked a veterinarian to make a small puncture in the stallion’s neck, put the resulting skin sample into a deep freeze, and store it in a Buenos Aires laboratory. He remembers, “I just thought maybe, someday, I could do something with the cells.”

His hope was not in vain. With the saved skin sample, Cambiaso was able to use cloning technology to bring Aiken Cura back to life. These days, a four-year-old, identical replica of Cambiaso’s star stallion—called Aiken Cura E01—cavorts around a flower-rimmed field in the Argentinean province of Córdoba, where he has begun to breed and train for competition.

Remember in 1996, Dolly the sheep was cloned as the first known animal to survive a cloning process. So 21 years ago, it started and  now we can clone fully functional Super Horses , which Adolfo has used to win several Polo Championships.

One hundred plus years before, in 1885, Hans Driesch created two identical sea urchins by jiggling a two-celled urchin embryo until the cells separated and grew into their own creatures. Through much more sophisticated processes, scientists have since cloned pigs, cows, dogs, cats, ferrets, goats, and horses. So cloning in one shape or form has been going on for 133 years go figure.

Now we come to my personal story , I have always felt in the back of my mind that I had a clone somewhere in this present day. One day my Sister, a doctor, called me a little stressed, little amused with a little oddness in her voice. She had just got back from a restaurant in South Carolina where she lived. She said she was sitting at her table having her meal and she heard my voice extremely clear a few tables over. She knew it could not have been  me because I lived in Arizona, and she had talked to me earlier in the day on my landline. So after listening for several minutes to the voice, she was compelled to see who this man was. She casually walked by the person and confirmed it definitely sounded like me to the tee with gestures like mine and he looked very similar , middle aged , balding guy  (handsome of course). It gave her pause , she thought, what the hell was going on . She wanted to confront the man but decided it was too weird. But she said to this day( 25 years ago) she thought it was my doppelganger or clone.  

At the end of the 60 Minutes episode the doctor /scientist who was responsible for the cloning procedure spoke about the past, present and future of cloning. He said,  “I know that we have come a long way , much longer than most people know.” That is all he said, but it is not hard to read between his words.

So you could save your mind’s thoughts  on a super hard drive and probably with a handful of your stem cells , freeze them- for the future you.  

Sleep tight , You can come back during a future better time -the possibilities are endless, enjoy now with no fear of death


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Paranormal Highway

Thought for the Day

Into the unknown, the endless highway has no beginning and no end. There are no boundaries, barriers or familiar surroundings to ground us, only the inner knowing that our compass is within us. The paranormal highway encompasses everything that is unseen, mystical, mysterious and hollow within itself or like a black hole engulfing everything in its path.  Once we encounter a face to face and unexpected distressing experience, our lives are changed forever. The shadows are darker, with cobwebs and dusty orbs floating around. That fight or flight feeling is just waiting to burst forth and our legs become noodles with the endless anticipation of the inevitable. The truth is, the paranormal highway can be a lonely road with few travelers willingly traveling its winding roads.

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Dulce Base UFO Conference in Dulce, New Mexico

June 23 and 24th, 2018

For more info:

For General Inquiries

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Betty’s Sasquatch Stories Continued …

My coworker explained that he had previously lived in Washington State, and that his good friend, Tim, was a real survivalist guy.  Loved to hike Mt. St. Helen’s (this was years before it erupted) and he would often be gone for days at a time exploring the mountain, or whatever wilderness adventure he was on.
Remember, this is before cell phones so when Tim was off on his trips, he had no way to reach anyone.  He would always tell his wife what areas he’d be going to, just in case, and how many days he’d be away.  On this particular trip, he was planning to only be gone 3 days.
His first day on the mountain he was climbing when he suffered a bad fall.  When his body came to rest, he determined that he may well have broken his leg.  Not a full compound fracture, but at the very least a green-stick fracture (which is a twisting impact to long bone where it cracks much like twisting on a green twig, without breaking it completely through the skin.  He knew he was in trouble and had no way to call for help.  So, as nightfall was approaching, Tim decided to find what he could to make a splint on the leg, and built himself a make-shift lean-to as best he could from a seated position.  He just wanted some type of cover for the night.  He was also able to build a small fire.
As the night wore on and Tim contemplated what he would do come morning, he heard something rustling in the bushes.  He knew it was something large given the noise and movement of the brush.  To his shock and surprise, what he thought was probably a bear turned out to be a bipedal creature, a huge harry male which he figured to be easily 7′ or more, hard to gauge from his seated position.  As this being moved quickly to stomp out Tim’s fire, he paid more attention and knew he was having a Big Foot encounter.  This being, once the fire was out, began to come toward Tim and his lean-to.  He said that it totally looked over the “construction” of what Tim had made, then turned his focus onto Tim.  Tim remained very still, more than a little scared, but he didn’t want to startle his “guest” with any quick movements and he was in no shape to have an “argument” with this big fellow.
Suddenly, as if pulling up a small child into an adult’s arms, Tim was off the ground and barely had a chance to grab his backpack before this harry giant had him cradled in his arms and was walking away with him.  Tim was well aware of the Big Foot sightings in the area, and had heard many stories over the years, often wondered why he had not had any encounters as much as he was always hiking and camping in the woods, but here he was…this was going to be his own personal Big Foot encounter, and what an encounter it turned out to be.
As the creature carried Tim along, he began to take stock of details about this male.  He said the stench was very prominent, but once he got over that, he noticed that he was covered in dark fur, fairly long, maybe a couple inches in length.  He also became aware that what he initially thought was hair on the creature’s face was actually moss from the trees.  Tim supposed that the creature used the moss not only for camouflage, but also for warmth.
He said that before Tim knew it, this creature had not only gone up and over a portion of the mountain, but that they were totally now on the opposite side and were in a dry creek bed.  The creature finally came to a stop and put Tim down in a low spot along what would normally be the edge of the creek.  He just looked at Tim and walked away to lay himself down.
When Tim awoke the next morning he thought that he’d had one heck of a weird dream until he opened his eyes.  First he noticed that the creature had fashioned a similar lean-to for him as the one he’d made himself the night before.  Was looking it over and finding himself impressed that it had copied him near perfectly, but what was coming next Tim had no way to prepare himself mentally for.  The large male who had brought him there suddenly was in front of him, and to Tim’s astonishment, it was not alone!
My coworker went on with Tim’s story.  He said that what was standing in a semi-circle in front of him were no less than 5 Big Foot beings.  There was a “shorter” male, Tim guessed him to be about 6′, looking a bit like a late teen or young male.  There was a female, somewhere between 6′ and 7′ tall, he figured Mr. Big Foot’s mate, and two smaller ones, figuring them to be their ‘children.’  Tim was dumbfounded, not quite sure what to think or do, but decided his best course was to just observe and remain as calm as he could.  Tim shared that these others also looked at his leg, the lean-to, checked out his backpack … like any curious person seeing something totally different from themselves.  After they were done, the large male gestured with his hand as if telling them to move along.  Tim said the female had the younger ones go with her and the two males headed off to a close by river.
Tim spent 5 days with this group.  He was fascinated by their family structure and division of ‘duties.’  It seemed the female and children would collect food stuffs, berries, edible plants, that sort of thing.  The males would fish.  Tim was able to observe this and said that the smaller male would go upstream and begin splashing and thrashing in the water, he assumed to drive any fish downstream to where the bigger male was scooping up fish and throwing them up onto the bank.  He said they kept this up until they had a pretty good ‘catch’ and then brought them to camp.  Tim said that that the large one threw a fish at his feet and he got into his backpack to clean and prep it for eating.  Tim also gathered up twigs and dry leaves around him to make a fire to fix his fish.  This, apparently, bothered the big male as he came over and immediately stomped out the fire and let Tim know in no uncertain terms that a fire was not going “to happen.”  So, Tim ate sushi that night, something he was not accustomed to doing.
As my coworker went on with the story, he said that over the next two days Tim described that the males were very competitive.  He described how the young one had gotten a bit “full of himself” going over and picking up a large boulder and tossing it a fair distance.  Then turned to the bigger male, as if to say, “Best that!”  So, the large male picked up a bigger boulder and chucked it farther than the younger one had.  After a few minutes, the younger one — not yet satisfied — went and pulled up a good sized sapling and pitched it toward Tim’s direction.  The older one found a larger one and pulled it up and tossed it, too.  Then they seemed to make grumbling noises at each other and the ‘match’ was over.
Tim was able to scoot himself to the sapling the younger male had tossed his direction and he spent the rest of that third day shaping it into a crutch.  He was tired of scooting around on his backside.  The older male was very curious when Tim got himself up and thoroughly checked out the makeshift crutch that Tim had fashioned.
On the fourth day Tim was getting around pretty well on his crutch, the large male was watching his progress.  Tim went to sleep in his lean-to that night, and awoke on the morning of the fifth day to discover himself alone.  He reasoned that his ‘hosts’ had decided that he was more mobile and they no longer needed to remain with him.  He said nearly all traces of their stay in the wash was cleared away.  If he had not been with them those 5 days, he would never have guessed anything had ‘camped’ in the spot had he just come upon it hiking.
He began to hike his way long the lower back side of the mountain hoping to find a road, or help of some sort.  He knew he was several days overdue to be home so figured his wife had alerted the rangers and other authorities that he was lost, so he really hoped to find a search party looking for him.
He got his wish the next morning as rangers discovered him in the forest.  They were quite shocked that he was so far from the area he’d told him wife he would be hiking, and also surprised he was in as good of shape as he was.  He told ’em, “well boys, you probably won’t believe me if I told you about my last five days out here.”  They responded that he might well be surprised, so he relayed parts of his adventure to them.
This happened in the mid-70’s.  As most know, Mt. St. Helen’s erupted in 1980 so the landscape of the mountain has changed.  Tim has stated that it is his belief that the Big Foot stay in dry beds to help erase any trace of themselves when the beds fill in rainy season.  We all know that the State of Washington gets lots of rain.  My coworker also shared that Tim has gone back to the mountain many times since his experience and has never had another encounter with the Big Foot.  He has said that he feels their presence in the forest when he’s there, like they are aware of him … checking on him, but that they have not revealed themselves, again, to him.  Tim also has decided that they can seem to camouflage themselves or even seem invisible if they do not wish to be seen.
This is my recounting of Tim’s experience as told to me by a coworker, the details are still vivid all these years later, and I hope the readers find it as fascinating a tale as I did when I first heard it.
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Betty’s Sasquatch Story

Micheal and I met a wonderful couple, Betty and Walter this past week. Not only did we realize that we were kindred souls but we also could see that we had many stories to share with each other.
This Sasquatch story is one of two that Betty has given us permission to share with you all. Enjoy and stay tuned to next weeks story a coworker shared with Betty.
Betty, thank you for sharing your story and the gift of your friendship!
Betty’s Story
I had been in Northern Utah for about two months when I had an interesting experience whilst hiking the North Ogden Pass.  I had gotten into the habit of hiking with my dog each morning, early, so that I could clear my head before work and starting my day.
My dog, Sooner and I had been doing this daily and I often would bring my camera to take pictures of wildlife, the beautiful flora and fauna we would see on our hikes, etc.  On a very cold December morning we pulled into the parking area, full of fresh snow, and for a change I decided that we’d hike along the dry wash toward the back part of the mountain.  An area we had not previously hiked.  Sooner was his usual self, briskly walking a figure eight pattern about 20′ forward and behind me as he liked to do on our hikes.  I assumed it was to ensure my protection.  I was paying attention to the energy of the mountain, listening to the forest sounds and for whatever else might be on the mountain.  This has always been my practice in nature.  As we got deeper into the backside of the mountain I became aware that Sooner was making smaller and smaller figure eight patterns, keeping ever closer to me and at that same time, I also began to notice that the forest was growing quiet.  Suddenly the wee animals rustling under bushes and ‘crunching’ snow was no longer heard, birds were becoming more few, and there was a palpable shift in the energy on the mountain.  I began to pay closer attention as my senses were pinging me to pay attention.
Soon my dog was no longer taking his pattern up but remaining right in front of me.  The forest was now in total silence, and that caused me to stop.  We were on a part of the trail that was still pretty heavy with snow as the sunlight didn’t really touch the ground for all the heavy treeline.  At that moment, while pushing out my senses to see what I might be able to pick up, I noticed to my left that Sooner was sniffing very intently at something at the edge of the trail where it began to drop down into heaver brush and give way to a slope leading down toward to valley floor.  I became curious as to what had captivated my dog’s attention and walked over to discover 3 or 4 very distinct tracks, large tracks.  My first thought was, oh, someone has been up here snowshoeing.  But as I looked more closely I decided, no, that’s not it.  Snowshoes don’t have toes!  Sooner had pretty much destroyed the first print, but the rest were very clearly visible, so I shooed him away so that I could examine them more closely.  These were distinct step-over-step prints that appeared pretty much human…other than the size.  I saw very clear definition of five toes, a ball and arch with all the lines that go along with the bottom of a foot, and a very large defined heel that had to measure at least 6 to 8 inches across.  I was wearing size 7 hiking boots and when I put my foot up against the print it was as if holding a newborn’s foot up against a grown man’s foot…and I mean a man with feet about a size 16 or better!  These were LARGE prints. 
I quickly grabbed my pack from my back so that I could get my camera, only to discover that I had left it at home.  Dang, I always hiked with my camera, but not this time.  Sooner and I stood there for a few more minutes while I was still processing what exactly I had before me, again, still listening to the deafeningly silent forest.  My first thought was to run.  I don’t run.  I might get “spooked” on occasion, but my life experiences have taught me to HOLD MY GROUND at all costs.  Never let ’em see ya sweat as the old saying goes, and that is a code I live by.  So, after another moment or two I decided to press on along the trail and resume our hike.  We, maybe, got another ‘block’ in distance when I decided that the mountain was still too quiet and did I REALLY want to “meet” whatever had made those tracks?  It was obviously a Big Foot and I knew it was far bigger than I.  As much as I was curious, and really wanting to have that experience, I decided that with my dog and everything considered we had better turn around and go back to the car.
My intention was to come back later in the day, with my camera, and document the tracks.  However, I was delayed in town and by the time I could’ve gotten back there a hard rain had set in.  I decided the next morning that the tracks were probably lost in the rain storm, and so Sooner and I resumed our normal hiking trail to the peak.  We never did go on that back trail again in all the time we continued our hiking of the pass.  But, it was a few days later that I was having lunch with one of my coworkers and I felt impressed to share my hiking story with him when he asked if I was still hiking each morning.  Much to my surprise, he not only totally believed my recounting of events, but went on to share an even more interesting Big Foot story with me.
To be continued …
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30 March 2018 2 Comments

The Persian Witch

My tale is a modern taste, a sampling of old world magic. It wasn’t a story in a movie or taken from an exotic novel but one that I never imagined in a million years, that I would be telling.
Even though, I come from Gypsy blood, sometimes I have let me guard down and this is where this story begins. As a professional dancer, I knew better than to drop my guard but then, dancing for large crowds comes at a price especially when misunderstandings amongst dance friends takes a turn for the worst.
(Before I go further, I want to interject here, that I was as healthy as a horse before this incident occurred.)
I lived in Texas at the time and loved that there were so many restaurants to dance at, in so many different locations. I was one of the lucky dancers because I performed four nights a week. As an entertainer, it doesn’t get much better than that. If you aren’t dancing, you are dreaming of dancing. We become the symbol of
the eternal circle of dance.
On this infamous evening, I was preparing for my show and thinking more about my music, my veil work and my drum solo, which is normal for dancers in my genre. I had just started performing at this Persian restaurant and really loved the atmosphere. I found everybody friendly and when I would go out and perform, the audience would clap, dance along with me and express their enthusiasm with a zaghareet (a high pitched sound made with their tongues.)
On this particular night, I was a bit anxious but then, I was usually nervous before I went on stage so I just thought it was nerves. There was a larger than normal crowd because of the Persian New Year celebrations happening around town. This meant everyone was in a partying mood ready for the dancing to begin.
The announcer called my name and cheers and yelling could be heard from the crowd. The evening, which started with me twirling onto stage, amongst smiles, clapping and dancing, ended with me slowly seeing double, sweating profusely as if I had a high fever, fatigued beyond belief so much so that I had to end my show
early, run to the bathroom because I had something strange coming out of my nose.
(Read the next paragraph at your own discretion. It’s kind of explicit.)
I was bent over the wash basin with a substance coming out of my nose that resembled mucus but was much thicker and it was coming out of my nose like a running faucet. At first, I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance because I was so weak, almost passing out but after 15 minutes, the mucus in my nose started to subside and I just lay down on the bathroom floor. The manager knocked on the door, worried about me but I couldn’t answer. After about 10 minutes, I got up off the floor, opened the door and the look on the managers face was one of shock. He said, ”You look terrible! Go home!”
Something strange had come over my body and from that moment on; I became a very sick woman.
I felt as if something was inside me, eating me from the inside out. To be more specific, it was as if, I had some parasite in me that was feasting on my insides. My skin turned yellow in color within a few days and the slightest touch upon my skin, was pure agony. My dreams were dark and dismal. This was so unusual for me
because I was a vivid dreamer and could remember my dreams in detail. A particular dream repeated itself, with me being stuck in an old house, not knowing which direction to go, only to find that each door I ran to and tried to open, was locked.
My boyfriend at the time, wanted to take me to the hospital but I knew instinctively that something else was amiss. My intuition was on high alert and I knew that if I didn’t get the kind of help that I truly felt I needed, that I had only a few weeks to live.
I asked my boyfriend to call my mentor, Vee who was an African Priestess in Albuquerque, NM. As soon as he got a hold of her, she stated that she was coming out immediately, the next day.
The next day, he picked her up at the airport and brought her to our guest bedroom where I was sleeping because I couldn’t handle even the slightest touch or movement from anyone. Vee looked at me and started to chant as she lighted incense and sage. My room was filled with the mist and smoke swirling around each other and it was the first time I could literally breathe a sigh of relief.
Vee, made a horrible concoction made from different tea leaves that she brought with her. She insisted that I drink the stinky stuff, so I immediately declined but when Vee put her hands on her hips; I knew she was going to get it down my throat one way or another so I held my breath, and drank it down, gagging a little here and there.
What happened next, shocked me!
She than pointed a finger at me and started to reprimand me for not protecting myself. I lay in bed feeling half dead and she was berating me for over an hour. I knew she was right but I also knew that this was something that was way beyond me. I had no clue what happened and even more confusing was why someone would want to do this to me.
Vee, showed me how to keep myself safe and we went over prayers, incantations and meditations. She saw that my insides looked like a web and that something had torn it apart. More tea was in store for me along with spirit baths and sacred oils being rubbed all over me.
She stayed a little over a week but before she left, she told me something unbelievable that I would have to do. Vee said, it was evident that a Dark Witch had cursed me and that I would have to go and find out who she was and confront her!
My eyes popped out of my head and my mouth dropped to the floor as I emphatically said, “No!”
Vee, got in my face, pointed her long finger at me and made it clear that I had no choice. She said she couldn’t guarantee that this Dark Witch wouldn’t try this again. She said, I was lucky this time but what happens if there is a next time?
I knew that the one place to begin was back at the restaurant. I begrudgingly agreed with her, but I was scared out of my mind. Vee, knew I was scared so she made me a wonderful smelling fragrance of special oils, adding a secret and unique oil from her former mentor to keep me safe. I was to wear the oils whenever I danced and especially when I confronted the Dark Witch.
Within two weeks, I was back, ready to dance again, a little wiser and wearier for the wear. But I have to tell you, I had no idea how I was suppose to find this Dark Witch. It’s not like they advertise what they do and I knew they hid in plain sight just out of reach in the shadows. But as luck would have it, I didn’t have to
look too far.
Sometimes, when people do things they don’t feel good about, they tend to try to get it off their chest. As chance would have it, a dance friend, one that I considered a very good friend, confided in me, telling me that she had a Persian Witch put a curse on someone…
I know I had that deer caught in the headlights look on my face for a few moments. I then gained my composer and asked her, why on earth would she do that to someone?
She said, she was told by a tarot card reader, (whom she didn’t know well) that a dark haired woman was very jealous of her and was trying to destroy her dance career. The funny thing was, more than half the dancers in our area had dark hair. So I asked her, if she had a better description of this woman who had it in for her?
She said, no.
I just looked at her for a few minutes, my mind racing a mile a minute in bewilderment and then I asked her, who this Persian Witch was. She said she hung out at the new restaurant we were dancing at and I asked her to point her out to me the next time she saw her.
So without my dance friend knowing it, she was going to lead me right to this Persian Witch and with this knowing, a feeling of dread washed over me like a tidal wave. As far as my dance friend’s confession goes, after that, I couldn’t help but be very cautious around her but in the back of my mind, I always wondered why she thought it was me, the tarot card reader was talking about. That hurt the most.
The following weekend, we were both scheduled to dance and I knew I had to gather up all the courage I could muster up and prepare to confront this Persian Witch. I was a nervous wreck all week leading up to the weekend and when Friday finally came around, all I knew was that I didn’t want to get out of bed. I stayed
under the covers until late morning but finally decided do my meditations and focus on a positive outcome, not the one I feared.
Adrenaline does some interesting things to people, especially when they are scared. In regards to me, I flap my invisible wings like a hummingbird and I end up looking like I’m on steroids for dancers. By the time I drove up to the restaurant, I was exhausted, hyperventilating and I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest. I was shaky when I got out of the car and I felt like I was walking on noodles instead of legs. Once I was inside and in the back dressing room, my dance friend came up to me and said, “She’s here.”
As fate would have it, I was scheduled to go on first which in the long run was for the best. I quickly got dressed in my dance costume, found my dance friend and asked her to point the Persian Witch out to me. When she did, my fears were confirmed. As if she was sitting within her own court, people were gathered all around her like she was royalty. She was very exotic looking, almost 6 feet tall with a Sophia Loren look to her. She looked like she had a cape on and with all the gold she was wearing, she looked like a Persian Queen. She looked over at us and had a very surprised look on her face. She didn’t expect to see me there or to see my friend and I together. My friend waved at her and so did I.
After my show, I changed clothes, put on an extra dose of the special oil, Vee made for me and I ventured out to meet this Persian Witch, face to face. I walked towards her table and she waved for me to come and sit down. It was strange because in one way, I felt honored to be sitting at her table and yet in another way I knew that she was dangerous and tried to hurt me.
“You look well.” She said.
“I was really sick a few weeks ago but I was lucky to have some help in getting better.” I said.
She looked surprised and asked me who helped me. I said matter of factly, “My mentor, an African Priestess.”
It was interesting how she reacted, because she looked me over from head to toe for a really long time without saying a word. The silence was very uncomfortable, so much so that I was just about ready to get up and leave when she said, “I think I was mistaken.”
If that was an apology, I will never know but one thing I do know for sure, that evening I confronted the Persian Witch and lived to tell the tale. I didn’t get in her face. It wasn’t about that, it was about me saying, “I’m here and I’m healed.”
After that, on the weekends to follow, she always invited me to sit at her table and without hesitation I joined her. But the strange thing was, my dance friend never joined us. I asked her to come sit with us, but she always declined. In the end, the Persian Witch and I had a mutual understanding for each other.

Interestingly enough, weeks later, she told me, “If you ever need my help, just ask.” I told her likewise.

“I have learned over the years, that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes
fear; knowing what must be done, does away with fear.” 
Rosa Parks
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Paranormal Underground Magazine-February issue

Check out the February issue of Paranormal Underground including my article, “The Milieu and Correlation Between Doppelgangers, Twins and Clones.” It’s a fantastic magazine with an array of articles from hauntings to horror and aliens.


Many Blessings,

Rainbow and Mike



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Who or What is at my Door?

This is a question we all ask when the doorbell rings or there is a knock at our door. We think, who is there wanting to bother us? Is it a package, a prank, a neighbor, a salesman or even a cop? It’s always a question and many times a concern.

But in the paranormal world, the knock or ring can be something much more sinister; a MIB , black eyed children or maybe a straight out demon. The one thing they (paranormal entities) all have in common, is of course their first objective, convincing you to give them permission to come in. It seems like they get extra leverage or power over you if they are inside your house. But they never seem to push or shove their way in, even if you are a frail elderly person, it’s all about the permission. It’s like the person inside the house is granting the outside entity special privileges, maybe just maybe to the insiders soul.

Its like in the vampire movies, the Vampire can never enter without permission, but if its granted, Katie bar the door  and the Vampire gains total power over the invitee, and they willfully submit to their every desire.

So, the reason I wrote this piece was because my neighborhood starting having encounters with three aggressive young people trying to get permission to come in her house and clean a carpet free with Dawn soap

It all seemed quite strange. And some of the encounters happened late evening in the dark, unusual time for a normal sales visit, now  it became a creepy sales visit .

They became very rude and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Let me note here, how this came to my attention. We have a neighborhood website covering several square miles of neighborhoods and hundreds of neighbors, which allows all of us to keep up with things like this, which I think is great.

Several people on the website, started encountering these door to door sales-people, and another aspect of the encounter was the fear and anxiety the homeowners noticed during and after the encounter, like many of the stories of the paranormal entities I mentioned above.  Interestingly enough, I believe the fear and anxiety is what saved the homeowners from the outsiders .

Something in the human psyche saves them, even the weak and meek. If not, I truly believe harm would come once permission was given, We will probably never know if the three door to door sales-people were just aggressive young people, maybe trying to case the house to steal some items or something more sinister.

Sleep tight , your home is your castle – protect your permission to enter to any stranger that feels not right.




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